Gatwick Airport

Travelling by plane can be expensive, which means you don’t want to spend too much money getting to or from the airport. When you booking with B & D Cars to travel to or from Gatwick Airport, you can value for money and reliability at all times.

For a rundown of our Gatwick Airport transfer charges, please look below:

Betchworth – from £20, Brockham – from £20, Capel – from £25

Dorking – from £25, Leigh – from £20, Newdigate – from £20

Ockley – from £35, South Holmwood – from £25, Westcott – from £30

Westhumble – from £30

All of the prices stated above are for taxi journeys with up to 4 passengers. If you are travelling with more than 4 passengers or you require more luggage space, we can provide you with an 8 seater vehicle. This vehicle provides comfort and convenience to our clients and is charged at a rate of 1.5 times the rate of our standard taxi fare.

All pickups which take place before 06:00 or after 23:15 are subject to a surcharge of £10. When picking up at the airport, there is a charge for car parking charges and at Gatwick Airport, this is approximately £3.

Our drivers are fully experienced in a variety of routes to and from Gatwick Airport, helping us to ensure you travel in comfort and arrive on time. Journeys to or from Gatwick Airport can be booked at any time and we look forward to helping you enjoy your journey and travel plans.

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