Heathrow Airport

Getting to or from an airport can be a stressful time, especially an airport as busy as Heathrow Airport. At B&D Cars, we aim to take the stress and hassle out of getting to or from Heathrow Airport. If you want to relax and travel in style, contact us and we will make sure you arrive in good time.

The following are our charges for travel to or from Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport:

Betchworth – from £50, Brockham – from £50, Capel – from £55, Leigh – from £55

Dorking – from £45, Westhumble – from £45, Newdigate – from £55

Ockley – from £60, South Holmwood – from £55, Westcott – from £50

For all other terminals at Heathrow Airport, we charge an additional £5 on top of the stated fee.

All of the prices stated are for taxi fares for up to 4 passengers. If you have a lot of luggage or you are looking to travel with more than 4 people, we are happy to provide you with an 8 seater vehicle. The prices for our 8 seater vehicle service are 1.5 times the stated fee for our standard taxi journeys to and from Heathrow Airport.

If you book a pickup before 6am or after 23.15, there is a surcharge of £10. All airport pickup services are subject to car parking charges and for Heathrow Airport, this is approximately £3.

Driving to and from airports and paying high parking fees is inconvenient and stressful. At B&D Cars, we aim to make the process as painless and as comfortable as possible.

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